dinsdag 30 juni 2009

Still June....

Friday we are house owners, that is also why I was soooooooo silent..

But here some cards I made ,.

Vrijdag zijn we huisbezitters, dat is ook de rede dat ik heel stil ben..

Maar hier een stel nieuwe kaarten van mij..

maandag 1 juni 2009

All my Birthday Cards I got before My Birthday

Wilma Kwakernaat MGY

Thea Schenkveld MGY

Sietie Sterrenburg MSY

Petra Gommans MGY

Mascha Dietrich MGY

José van Gennip MGY

Jolanda Bongers MGY

Jolan MSY

Grietje Leoné MSY

Erna Logtenberg MSY

Erna logtenberg MGY

From Dorien MSY

Christa Kok MGY

Petra van Eijsden HY

From Thea Schenkveld HY

From Marjo Juriaans HY

From my Scrapfriend Arianne

June Already

Yesterday ( 25 min ago) it was my Birthday.. 38 years young and 18 years married..

Have some cards I made the last weeks.. Tomorrow or later today I'll post al my Bday Cards I got..

But First some of my own work..