maandag 29 december 2008

Almost New Year

And with that comes a busy time.. Xmas and preparations for the new years celebration at my parents. Getting the kids all ready for a new year.. That means Elisa had to get her hair dyed again. Black as she had for half a year now. And blond streaks. So I can dye them pink or blue or what ever colour she wants.

And Delroy just being Delroy so no real big maintenance hahahaha needed..

We bought some new kitchen cabinets , so Leon is busy to fit them. That means that I can't cook for at least 1-2 days LOL.. long live the microwave and the snack bar.

Also bought 2 cd boxes at Ikea, so I can get all my Magnolia , already stamped, cards in it.. Guess 1 is almost full. Have to get the Hanglers out , they are in there too but now I can put them separate.
Can do that tomorrow.

And I'm going to bake some pisang goreng ( banana dipped in a dough mixture and fried) and also doing the same with apples and pineapple , for new year.
That means that Leon has to get my kitchen all working again on Wednesday.. Hope that will work.

Gonna leave this post in English.. It's just easier and most people can read it.
Don't worry the smaller posts will also be in Dutch..

I wish all of you..

And big HUGZZZZZZZZ Colinda

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marsha zei

Hello Colinda,
I aw your post on the Magnolia group and here I am! I love your canvas layouts and your Hanglar's - just beautiful! Happy New Year to you!